Crêpes With a Twist!
Crêpes are known & appreciated worldwide and are part of the “healthy fast food group”. Rolopan Crêpes is a fresh & innovative, fast food idea which was created in Montreal, Canada in April 2005.

What is Crêpe?
Traditional Crêpes are thin, round, soft, easy to cook and topped with either sweet or savory ingredients. Typical crêpe batter is made with flour, eggs and milk and is poured onto a round griddle and spread thin using a wooden spreader.

Fresh & Healthy Choice
Rolopan offers sweet and savory crêpes and can be served as breakfast, snack, main course or dessert. We specialize in Japanese style crêpes, very different from traditional crepes. In fact, Japanese crêpes are healthier as they do not require the use of butter or oil. Our method includes the use of non traditional ingredients such as burger, smoked meat, brownies etc. which are filled into the Crêpe, rolled like a cone and wrapped in paper. This allows customers to enjoy their favourite crêpe on the GO.. In addition, we use the minimum of packaging and no utensils, which makes our concept Eco-Friendly..
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