About us
Rolopan Crêpes Franchising is a Montreal based company. We are committed to serve quality Crêpes and associated foods to our valued customers through a network of Franchised outlets. We believe that take-away food should be of the highest possible standard in quality and nutrition and at an affordable cost to our consumers. We believe that through our original concept our potential is limitless in today's marketplace.

The Opportunity
In this changing world it is rare to have the opportunity to enter the marketplace with a franchise system that is original. Rolopan Crêpes is a new retail outlet and offers prospective Franchise Owners an opportunity to become part of an original concept.
Rolopan Crêpes provides Franchise Owners with a strong retail image and growing reputation together with established operating systems, staff training and ongoing guidance.
We at Rolopan Crêpes are customer driven. We believe in caring for our customers by providing quality products backed by reliable and knowledgeable service. We believe in being the best.
If you like the thought of being self employed and wish to take charge of your own financial destiny, consider the following:

  • Low outlet setup costs
  • Low ongoing rentals as food preparation areas are minimized 
  • Low staff requirements
  • Minimal food preparation
  • Low shop maintenance
  • Rapid startup and cleanup time
  • Solid support system
Our Point of Difference
Providing quality nutrition has become the focal point of the takeaway food industry and Rolopan Crêpes is committed to supplying healthy nutritious food.

The Benefits of Owning a Rolopan Crêpes Franchise
Franchising is a simple business relationship. We regard Franchisees as fundamental to our future success and we are committed to expanding the brand name 'Rolopan Crêpes' with Franchisees as part of our team.
Rolopan Crêpes gives the rights to market the products from a retail outlet to an independent operator, the Franchisee, for a fixed period of time. Franchisees benefit by the provision of Rolopan Crêpes training programs, ongoing management advice, support and comprehensive operations manuals.
Franchisees must agree to the operating rules of Rolopan Crêpes and in return stand to reap the reward. Franchisees generally experience fewer worries than an independent operator and have the potential to achieve a higher level of success.

Commonly asked questions about owning a Rolopan Crepes Franchise
Q. What is the cost of setting up an outlet?
A. The cost of a Rolopan Crêpes franchise ranges between $60,000 and $125,000.. This includes your Initial Franchise Fee (set at $20,000), store fit out, full training, stock and a state of the art Point of Sale system with back to base monitoring. The initial cost varies depending upon the size of the premises needed, the state of the premises chosen and the rentals in the area in which you are situated.

Q. Do I have to pay a royalty?
A. Rolopan Crêpes charges 5% royalties on the gross turnover. Franchisees contract to purchase food products from nominated suppliers, usually a Rolopan Crêpes operating subsidiary and other suppliers who meet Rolopan Crêpes quality standards.

Q. What is the Marketing Services Levy?
A. Apart from the Initial Franchise Fee and setup costs your only other ongoing contribution is towards a Marketing Services Fee or Advertising Levy. This consists of 3% of your gross turnover.

Q. How long is the Franchise Agreement for?
A. The term of the Franchise Agreement is for 5 years initially with the option of two subsequent 5 year terms. Our aim is to establish a long term relationship with our Franchise Owners.

Q. Where would my outlet be?
A. Site selection would be determined in conjunction with the Franchisor. The Franchisor will utilize a demographic study to assist you to determine the most suitable available location, and will manage the complete fit-out to corporate specifications.

Q. Will I be trained?
A. Your training is vital to the success of your business. We place great emphasis on making sure our Franchise Owners and their staffs are well trained.
Our training program is designed specifically to overcome any lack of experience you may have in retail or in food preparation. The business is designed to be a simple operation with regular ongoing support. You do not need any cooking experience.

Q. What about advertising?
A. Rolopan Crepe's marketing personnel provide marketing support so that a consistent branding of the product can be maintained.

Q. Can I sell my business?
A. You can sell your business at any time during the term of the agreement or any subsequent renewal periods. However the business must be sold to an acceptable operator approved by Rolopan Canada Ltd. and the new owner(s) must agree to the terms and conditions in the then current Franchise Agreement.

Q. What are the operating costs and returns?
A. The Franchisor will provide basic information for you to prepare your own financial analysis and a business plan in conjunction with your own advisors.

Q. What type of people are we looking for?
A. We are looking for individuals with ambition, initiative and integrity. Good personal communication skills and the ability to organize and manage people are necessary.